Hi there! 

I'm Alan, a dude on the internet.

Actually... I'm a dude in real life, and this is my website on the internet.

I make software businesses for fun and for profit, mostly centered around helping teams and communities work and grow together. (I only realized that in retrospect.)

My current businesses include CrewFire.com (a brand ambassador platform), and Telefuel.com (a business messaging app for communities and teams).

My previous businesses include Chainfuel.com (an anti-spam/administration/analytics tool for Telegram communities - sold in January 2020), and SimpleCrew.com (a reporting tool for street marketing teams - sold to my partner Mike in 2017).

This is ZenHustle - a personal site where I share the things I'm learning as I go about building businesses and my life. Or at least that's the plan.

Actually... I have no plan.

So yeah. Keep an eye out here for videos and blog posts from me, most probably centering around business, self-development, mindset, and whatever else the kids are into these days.

Please enjoy!

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