Annual Planning

Earlier this week, I satdown and did some personal annual reflection/planning. It's a routine I've maintained since 2012, so this was my 5th year doing it.[caption id="attachment_1763" align="aligncenter" width="700"]

Annual Planning in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Annual Planning in Chiang Mai, Thailand[/caption]I follow a really simple outline - just writing a bunch of bullets for each of these points:Overview:* What did I do in 2016?2016 Highlights:* Health* Wealth & Business* Relationships* Learning/ReadingStrengths & Weaknesses* What did I do well in 2016?* What could I have done better in 2016?Goals & Priorities* What are my goals and priorities for 2017?Habits & Routines* What bad habits do I want to eliminate?* What good habits do I want to continue?* What new habits do I want to start?I find that it really helps put time into perspective - reflecting on the year, and then looking back on the past reflections and plans from previous years.In our business, we just started doing something similar - as recommended by Gino Wickman hisbook Traction, where he outlines a business management framework he calls the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).In EOS, you start by drawing your big-picture stuff - your reasons for being in business, your values, your long-term vision (10-year, 3-year) - and then you work backwards from there to draw 1-year plans every year, quarterly priorities every 90-days, and weekly meetings to check-in with progress, in order to take you in the direction of that larger, long-term vision.It's a super logical framework to apply to business, and though I haven't implementedanything quite as thorough in my personal life, I've sort of stumbled into a vaguely similar process... starting with long-term "where do I want to be/who do I want to be" (I did this as a senior in college back in 2010 after reading 4HWW), and then doing annual check-ins every new year.This year, inspired a friend of mine here in Saigon, I'm thinking about doing a weekly check-in or something. Most of my personal goal/priorities for the year center around regular habits I want to implement - things I want to do on a regular daily/weekly basis. Having weekly check-ins on, say, Monday mornings might help keep me honest.Not sure I'm ready to get that crazy yet, hah. We'll see.Here's to a big 2017.

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