Annual Review and Planning Template (Free PDF)

Ever year around New Years Eve, I spend some time reflecting on the previous year, and thinking ahead to the next. 

I start by thinking back over all the significant people, events, milestones, successes, and lessons learned from the passing year, and then think about how I can learn, grow, and improve in the next. 

This Annual Review/Planning outline (PDF download) focuses on the 4 aspects that I focus on as the main categories of my life: health, wealth, relationships, and play.

For each pillar, this outline offers you some sub-categories to rate yourself on from 1-10, and then asks you what you’ve done well, what you could’ve done better, and what your goals are for the year ahead.

Don’t feel limited to the lines available to you in the guide. I like to take these prompts and write free-form in a journal (somewhere distant and quiet if possible), and then transcribe them into Evernote later. (It’s awesome looking back on previous years notes when I do it too!)

Let me know if this helps! Here’s to a happy and successful 2019!

Download the Annual Review & Planning Template Here.

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