Big & Small Ambitions.

I have big and small ambitions.When it comes to revenue and profit, I'm goingbig.I want to be financially comfortable, and I like nice things... but more, the game of business is powerfully motivating, with profit as the ultimate scorecard.Part of that ambition comes from watching peers and contemporaries grow companies to 7- and 8-figure annual revenue heights.It motivates and inspires being in such a community. The ambition is contagious.I guess in that way, ambition is like air: when you’re submerged in it, you can’t help but breathe it in.So now, with CrewFire, we have those big revenue ambitions with our eyes on multi-million dollar revenue goals as we’re readying the ship for sale.So that’s the “big” ambition.Now the “small” one: we don’t want to manage big team.For me, for now at least (and we all know how ambitions change over time), I like the idea of working with a company of say... 20, maybe 25 team members, max.More team members add complexity. They add communication challenges, support and operational challenges, and management overhead.With small teams, management overhead is minimal. Developers can code, designers can design, marketers and sellers can distributeBefore a certain size, middle management, isn’t necessary. That sounds good to me.Not to mention, above a certain number, something is lost.Maybe it’s evolutionary, and our brains weren’t meant to cope with huge numbers of fellow tribesmen/women in the cave.Or maybe it’s a family thing. Working with a tight-knit crew who’s quirks and strengths you know inside and out.That's easy when theres 2, 5, maybe up to 10 people, and it's basically impossible when you get above 15.So that’s where my head’s at today: I want to build a big-revenue, big-profit business, with a nice, tight team.Big and small ambitions.

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