Buy, Sell, or Hold Habits

In finance and investing parlance, “buy, sell, or hold” ratings are a quick & dirty way for people to summarize their feelings about a given investment.Pretty straightforward:

  • Buy = You believe the investment will increase in value, so you should buy more.
  • Sell = The opposite. You believe the investment will decrease in value, so you should sell if you’re holding.
  • Hold = You’re already in the investment, and you believe it’s fairly valued and a good position to be in.

It occurred to me that this is similar to how I’ve been thinking about habits lately. A similar framework can apply:

  • Buy = good habits that I'm not currently doing, that I will start doing.
  • Sell = bad habits that I'm currently doing, that I will to stop doing.
  • Hold = good habits that I'm already doing, that I will continue doing.

Using this framework, I can get some clarity and perspective around the different habits in my life, and how I might take action accordingly.On some interval, maybe during weekly, quarterly, or annual reflections, I can reflect back on my habits for that period, and then plan for the next week/quarter/year accordingly*.(*Note: I don’t have my shit nearly as together as this writing might make it seem. I do a decent job of stuff like this, but my day-to-day gets as hectic and scatterbrained as anyone else's.)I’ll close with some examples from my own life right now, current as of October 7, 2018:

  • Buy (Start):
  • 1x/day - post in ZenHustle Dojo Facebook Group
  • 2x/month - finance reviews across businesses and personal accounts
  • 1x/week - team member 1:1s
  • Sell (Stop):
  • Judging, fault-finding, and being overly critical of other people
  • Overspending on partying and nightlife (🤷‍♂️)
  • Hold (Continue):
  • 1x/day meditation
  • 1x/day gratitude journaling
  • 5-6x/week yoga or gym

How about you? What habits in your life do you want to buy, sell, or hold?

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