Event Recap: Exploring the Path of Mindful Entrepreneurship (w/ Walter Roth)

ZenHustle Mindful Founders Meetup

Last Tuesday, February 7, I had the pleasure of hosting my friend Walter Roth (Founder & CEO of Inward, Inc.) for a discussion on mindfulness, meditation, and entrepreneurship.We were joined by a diverse group of curious minds: entrepreneurs, students, teachers, businessmen and women, expats, locals.Of the group, a few people had dabbled with meditation before, and a handful maintained regular practice.The overwhelming majority, though, had never tried meditation before, which was great to see.Experience regardless, everyone participated, sharing their questions, thoughts, and experiences as we walked through an introduction of meditation, discussed it’s practical benefits in business and life, and practiced a few brief guided meditations together.Here’s a complete audio recording of the event (mp3 download):

If you’re interested in getting started with your own meditation practice, I distilled the main points from the talk, including the recordings of the 3 guided meditations Walter and I lead, into The No-Nonsense Guide to Meditation for Entrepreneurs.Check it out at http://zenhustle.com/meditateHosting the event was incredibly fun, and deeply rewarding. I can’t wait for the next. Stay tuned.- Alan

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