Gratitude Prompts at CrewFire

Thought it'd be fun to share a fun little culture exercise we do internally at CrewFire on occasion that's helped us breathe some positivity and gratitude into our team and workday, while also giving us the chance to learn a bit about one another.

Every morning, we start the day with a daily standup during which we each give a recap of work we did the previous day, and our main focus for the day ahead.

To spice things up a bit, at random, we'll occasionally start the meeting by picking a gratitude prompt.

We use a PDF by Intelligent Change, but there's plenty out there), and then each taking a turns to answer the prompt.

Example gratitude prompts include things like:

  • What is one thing I'm looking forward to today?
  • What is an old relationship I'm grateful for?
  • What am I grateful for that I learned in school?
  • What do I appreciate about the home I live in?

In doing the exercise at the start of the meeting, we breathe positivity and gratitude into the meeting, the day, and our team culture - in a way that we've all enjoyed and appreciated.

We get the added benefit of learning a bit more about one another in a way that we might not have otherwise - especially given that we have a fully remote working culture (with 4 team members in 3 different countries!).

It's just one of a few little culture and work experiments we're playing with that we love, so we wanted to share it in case it's something you might find useful in your lives too :)

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