There is no destination. You've arrived.

As an ambitious person, it’s easy to get fixated on the future:


We’re not quite there yet. $2,000 monthly revenue. $5,000 monthly revenue. $100k annual. $1 Million annual. $10 Million valuation. $50 Million valuation. $100 Million. $500 Milllion. $1 Billion. IPO. Just a little more. Then we’ll be there.

Features.There’s so much left to do. The platform needs a few more things. It needs smarter groups. It needs SMS (with Twilio it’ll be easy...). New-user onboarding needs to get smoother. The right FB Chatbot could really set this whole thing off (plus it’s early so we could benefit from the PR boost…). Why aren’t we moving faster? We need more devs.

Bugs. Ugh, not another. Why are we still dealing with these? What the fuck is wrong with our software? Is {{developer-name}} even trying?? This customer’s going to churn, I can tell. Everyone’s going to churn...It’s our biological programming - nature’s cruelest trick. We’re programmed, by default, to strive for more, and to never be satisfied with what we've got.More customers. More revenue. A higher valuation.More robust features. A smoother user experience. Faster execution.Less fuckin' bugs.It’s easy to look at the challenges and goals ahead, and look forward to the day when you’ve conquered it all.You’ve hit the number. The software is complete. You’ve solved all the bugs.You’ve arrived.The thing about it is - there will always be more.No matter how grand your ambitions, no matter how big your goals, one thing is certain: when you achieve them, you will always be looking for what’s next.So recognize that, and embrace it. There is no “more".This is it. This is what life is. This is as good as it gets.There is no milestone, no achievement, no threshold to pass. No finish line. No pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Only a lifetime of challenges, work, and problems.The best you can hope for are good problems and interesting challenges: Room for growth. Room for improvement. Bug reports. That’s the business, so embrace them. That’s life.Realize, then, that while growth is important, you must not defer your tranquility, happiness, and gratitude for that future - no matter how promising, no matter how bright, no matter how important it is.Instead - practice mindfulness and gratitude in the present.Reflect on what you’re grateful for today.Grateful for every customer you do have. Grateful for every dollar you are earning. Grateful for the bugs even, because, hell... at least people are using the damn thing!If you spend your life pursuing a future that doesn’t exist, you’ll miss the slice you’re experiencing right now.

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