Silicon Valley Vibe

I’m writing this post from HackerDojo - a coworking space in Mountain View, CA, one of the towns that makes up Silicon Valley, between San Francisco and San Jose.It’s been a nice couple weeks visiting friends and family, from Detroit, to Seattle, to San Diego, and now the Bay Area - San Jose, Stockton, San Mateo, Mountain View.I love all these towns.Detroit, despite it’s reputation, has a midwestern charm about it.Seattle has a cool, earthy, alternative feel. Great tech, great outdoor activities, great food, and great people.San Diego is a dream. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. 85 and sunny year-round. It’s almost too good.And the Bay Area is something else. There’s so much tech here.It feels like everyone works for in tech or a supporting industry. All the big companies are here - Apple, Facebook, Google - along with (tens of-? hundreds of-?)thousands of other hi-tech companies from startups to mega-corps.It’s funny driving around and seeing it.For anyone who hasn’t been: imagine any normal stretch of sub/urban sprawl with it’s office buildings. And on top of every office building, put a tech company logo.It’s cool to see so much tech, and to see the companies and neighborhoods that I admire in real life.It’s worth mentioning, I do get a little bit of a funny feeling being here - of kind of losing an edge, or losing some uniqueness.Everywhere else I go, running a software business is something unique that I do. Something special.But here, with everyone in tech, I’m just another dude with an app.Still, despite that, being around so much tech is awesome. It’s cool to go to a cafe and overhear pitch meetings, see devs neck-deep in code, or catch designers sketching out wireframes.There’s something about it - this area breathes ambition into everyone in it. It’s inspiring and motivating to be around.

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