Tiny, hairless, humble goals.

When Danny, Freddy, Dan Schwartz and I entered the blogging pact this summer, we promised to each write 2 posts per week.The threshold of what we agreed to consider a “post” was just 5 sentences.Ironically, that tiny threshold ended up making (for me at least) all the difference in the world.The freedom to post things so small made the goal of writing twice a week attainable, and lightened the burden when getting started with any individual piece.And, incendentally, it was a liberty none of us ever ended up taking - none of us ever ended up posting just 5 sentences.Take this post for example. For the last few weeks, I’ve been telling myself I want to write again.But burdended somewhat by the thought of having to write deep, insightful, important pieces, I kept hesitating.But you know what? If I’m writing first, on Maria Popova’s great advice, for myself - I don’t need to write deep, insightful, thought-provoking pieces every time.It’s great when that happens, sure. But for my purposes, I’m content just getting into the flow of quick thoughts like this one now. I'm happy when I do it.So today, just now, I set out to write 5 sentences. That was the threshold I gave myself for a “successful” piece, and the tiny, hairless, humble goal gave me the freedom to start.And I’m happy with it :)

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