Why we're building CrewFire.

I always love hearing about why other folks are in business, so I thought it'd be fun to share a quick thought on why we're building CrewFire.A couple days ago, I stumbled across this Billboard.com interview with Sebastian Solano, one of the Co-Founders of the Life In Color music festival, after his recent promotion to head of Made Event (Electric Zoo) and ID&T North America (TomorrowWorld, Sensation, etc…)This quote struck me:

Billboard.com: Given SFX's current issues, what sort of managerial approach do you envision taking?Solano: …My first priority is to really remind everybody that we've got a business because we want to throw the best parties in the world and that's what we do. That's who we are. We're promoters, and we've devoted our lives to throwing amazing parties for music fans because we love the music, because we love to deliver an amazing experience.

I can 1000% relate.I first had the ideas for CrewFire when I was a concert promoter for different local festivals, venues, and artists.It was never about the money (there wasn't much, heh...), but always out of a love for the music and the experience.Coming from those roots, CrewFire has that love for the music and experience baked into its DNA.Today, while money is an important pillar in our business, by far the most satisfying and rewarding part of our work is the pleasure we get from seeing CrewFire in the hands of the artists, festivals, and companies that we admire, doing the same type of marketing that we did ourselves, years ago.That's what we're all about, and why we're in business.Whatever our customers areworking on,we're sure theycan relate, and that theyhave a passion for theirprojects or businesses that goes beyond just the money, to something deeper.With CrewFire, we're looking forward to helping themin that purpose.

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